Team Members

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Courtney Martinez

Courtni Martinez

"Each person is different and I love taking those differences and personalizing them to match each individual." [More]

Lex Gillard

"We must understand that we are all beautiful and capable of expressing ourselves in many ways." [More]

Melinda Meler

Owner / Stylist
"I have been in the hair industry for 23 years and consider myself an artist in every aspect of my personal and professional life! "[More]

Sarah Nichols

"When you first walk in the door at HeadMasters, I'm one of the first faces you see." [More]

Caitlyn Dees

"Making people feel beautiful and seeing a smile on their face is one of the many reasons why I love what I do." [More]

Mandy Martinez

"I specialize in funky, modern, up to date cuts including clipper designs, My imagination runs wild on short hair cuts and designer colors." [More]

Allison Sleeman

"Your hair is your crown you never take off! That being said, it is my honor to "polish" your crown." [More]

Lindsey Hugghins

"I believe that true beauty is only skin deep, and that being confident in who you are and that always thinking and speaking positively is what makes one truly beautiful." [More]

Kahla Morris

"My goal is to make sure you feel as welcome as possible when you walk in the door and when you leave with your amazing new Hairstyle!" [More]

Cambree Freeman

"I am a passionate and caring person and will always show my passion for hair through my creations." [More]

Kayla Adams

"It makes my heart happy to know my client’s personal wants and to see them leave my chair with that extra boost of confidence all from me transforming their hair into everything they wanted it to be!" [More]