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HeadMasters is a full service walk-in hair salon in Tyler, TX. We are family owned and operated and have been serving the East Texas area since 2012. HeadMasters accepts both walk-in and by appointment clients. Our stylists are professional, friendly and highly qualified to meet all of your family’s hair care needs. They undergo continuing education training in hair cutting, styling and color techniques and are able to provide you with that 'just right' look… whether that look is extravagant, cutting edge or simply everyday.   Haircuts, Hair Coloring, Waxing & More HeadMasters offers a multitude of services including the latest trends in haircuts, hair color and style, waxing, and Keratin blow-outs. The enthusiastic stylists at HeadMasters are committed to staying current with the continually-evolving styles, trends, and colors in order to make sure you look your very best.   A Tyler, TX Hair Salon To Excite We created HeadMasters for the spontaneous person who suddenly decides they need a new look right away. Let us help you get the look you deserve. We are here when you are having 'a bad hair day' or just need a change! Contact HeadMasters or use our online check-in to schedule your hair appointment today in Tyler!

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